Web Banner Pricing is not often questioned but it should be. Yes! They are absolutely valuable that is not the issue - website banner cost is!

More to the point - while recently 'driving' through the information highway we so lovingly refer to as the internet (for which I could certainly NOT live without), I noticed a plethora of websites that capitalize in this industry. The problem is, these companies are not really explaining why their web banner price is so high. Custom? Premium? Unique? No, it has more to do with the fact that they are very cheap to produce compared to web banner costs their customers are paying! Just google "web banner design" and you'll see. There are approximately 15 MILLION websites out there that refer to that keyword phrase alone!! Upon closer inspection, I realized that you would be hard up to find a company out there that will charge you less than $18.00 for ONE design.

Well, that's not really much is it? Think again! The average time it takes to design a premium banner is about 15 - 20 minutes. So, lets calculate that - for the sake of it - lets say it takes 20 minutes to design a well created ad - and the company is charging $20.00 per design - they make 3 banners in an hour - that's $60.00 PER HOUR! $86,000 a year if they work approximately 30 hours a week! That is incredibly steep. Yes, banner design programs can be costly but they've basically made their money back with just two or three designs! Website banner cost has become quite ridiculous! Necessary evil is what I call it and should be frowned upon - let's face it - with the web banner costs these design companies are charging THEY ARE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!! Do website banner design ads really drive more traffic? Yes! It has been proven to work - but is the web banner price really justifiable? Not at $25.00 a pop!