There exist only 256 colors in the GIF image format. JPEG format carries the try to have a deal with a larger amount of colors. The indexed color map is put to use to save the colors. It as well at times has the name of a palette, color index or color lookup table. A one-byte number counting from 0 through 255 is saved in every pixel. It demonstrates the position in the palette.

From everything mentioned above the result results that high-resolution icons can be saved by means of the GIF format. And we ought to not let slip from memory that only 256 colors may be put to use. You can set the palette of colors with the help of a graphics program. The icon is supposed to have more than 256 colors subsequently a GIF file has been by the time mentioned displayed|shown|demonstrated}. Pixels consisting of varied colors are used, that is why in the palette they are smoothed. The icon will possess only 256 colors after it has been transformed to GIF format. It denotes that the finer graphics file conversion program is put to use, the finer palette may be invented.

It is advisable to apply the GIF file for that graphics in which an acute arrangement in colors between its elements is all-important. Two GIF formats {can|may|are able to| be marked. They are GIF87 and GIF89. GIF87 is the common format and GIF89 is applied for icon clarity and animation. The last can convert any background into {transparent and it from this follows that various shapes of icons can be created.

And all GIF files may be interlaced. Remarkably, they can be picked up in net browser a while later they have been downloaded. During the performance of downloading interlaced GIFs are displayed in their whole size, although gradually improve in sharpness. A great number of graphics programs give the opportunity to saveicons as interlaced.
But where does the word JPEG (JPG) come from? It came from the group of its creators. The inequality between GIF and JPEG is that there exist no end in colors in JPEG format. There exist the most famous JPEG formats. They are one byte per pixel (256 colors), two bytes per pixel(65,356 colors) and three bytes per pixel (16,777,216 colors).

Both GIF and JPEG files are saved compressed. But icons can be saved with different amounts of improvement in a compression technology which possesses JPEG. One more enequality is that JPEGicons are less dithering than those in GIF format. In such wise, the JPEG compression format possesses a lack of precision.