With so many possible ideas to market your company online, business owners are now concerned not with how to market online but how to market in the most time effective manner. Here are a few effective ideas using Twitter that have proven themselves as winners to increase your website traffic time and time again...

Become a Twitter member When you become a Twitter member, you have the ability to meet millions of other Twitter users. Many of those users are part of your potential clients and would likely be interested in what you offer if they only knew you offered it. By joining Twitter and interacting with the other members, people become interested in who you are and naturally become interested in what you do. Interacting with your prospective customers will help you find new customers on a regular basis.

Become a follower of your prospective customer Twitter is one of the top social networking sites on the internet, and you can join Twitter and invite people to be your "follower". It's pretty easy to collect a lot of followers on Twitter very quickly, and one of the easiest ways is to find your prospective clients and follow them. Many people will reciprocate by following you, and when you see the kinds of messages they post you can better understand the needs of your prospective customers and what they're thinking about. You can get to know them to see if they're interested in what you offer.

Contact your Twitter followers Visit Twitter, a huge micro blogging site, and you'll find many people there who are part of your potential customers. As you meet people who may be interested in what your company offers, you can invite them to become a "follower". Often, if you follow someone they will follow you in return, increasing your followers. At this point you have many options to contact them and see if they're interested in what your company offers. You can send out a regular Twitter post (a "tweet") to all your followers or send them a message individually, and this way you can get to know people and find out if what your company offers is of interest to them.

We're living in a day of information marketing, where your expertise is a valuable asset if you know how to use it correctly.

Get yourself and you company in front of your prospective buyers with good information and you'll bring waves of traffic to your site. It's certainly more effective than calling leads lists!