There is one real problem when it comes to online business card printing and that problem is in the design of your business card. In most cases, you need to design your own layout for business card printing.

This is important especially if you want to print them online. It is only logical for this to happen since you will have no design help at all in business card printing, unless you help yourself. Do not get troubled though since help can easily be found through five basic design tools in business card printing. Just read on and discover what these tools can do for you.

1. A computer – Of course your best and most important design tool is a computer. Of course, it must not be any kind of computer mind you. It should be a good and fast computer that can crunch up image design tasks in a flash. So make sure you secure the use of a high performance computer for your use in business card design.

2. Business card layout template – Another important design tool is the layout template. Layout templates for business cards are basically pre-set documents with specific standard business card dimensions and guidelines in them. This helps a designer to quickly create a business card layout since most of the guidelines and dimensions have already been set into the file. So for a quicker and easier time in designing color business cards, make sure you have it.

3. Different font style resources – Typography is also a crucial element in color business card design. This means that you will need to have several “font styles” to choose from to see and experiment how your business card text looks like in different styles. That is why you will need to use the Internet to find font style resources such as websites and font databases. You can easily find free fonts on the Internet by using a simple search engine.

4. Business card design software – Of course, to marry all your fonts, and layouts together, you will need some sort of business card design software. There are plenty of applications out there that can let you design business cards specifically, In fact there are a couple of online applications that let you do just that.

However, for a more precise way of controlling your design, you should try using common desktop publishing applications such as Microsoft Office, or may even some image editing applications such as Adobe photo shop. In most of these types of software, you can even add images and other design elements to make your designs a little bit more interesting. So make sure you use this kind of software if you want to be in control.

5. Design references – Finally, to make sure your business card design is good and workable you need design references. This can easily be found on the Internet as well. Websites like Wikipedia can provide simple information about the proper international standards of business card printing, including the proper dimensions, layouts and other design preferences. Moreover, you can also try to look at other business card design websites so that you can have an idea of how business cards look today.

So there you have it, the five common business card design tools that you must learn to use or have. Try to have all of them before starting your design in earnest.

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