Simple Always Works – Make the website user friendly, which would essentially mean that you should make it simple and easy. The use of large images and long video clips just make the website page load longer, which becomes a tedious experience for the viewers. Simple images are catchy, and useful. Complex navigational links just cause confusion as well as frustration, as the viewer will lose track of where they are going and will then just exit the website. Smaller WebPages open quicker, and is definitely a lot more effective.

The Use of Space on a Website - A website development company would usually use a web layout section in relation to the website idea, and the size of the browser’s window, so they would often expand or make smaller. Color is usually used to define and occupy spaces, and as well as to create a style. A common technique used in this area is the centering of a web page on a particular screen of the browser and then using other colours for the background page. Grouping is a great mechanism, and can create association through the placing together of similar elements.

Images and Graphics – The correct placement and distribution of relevant images throughout your website design are crucial for the perfect layout. Never put images in any given space of the website, as it would look tacky. A subtle balance between images and text is necessary, as there shouldn’t be too much text, or too many images. Graphics and images in a website, if properly situated, make the website more useful and effective, and viewers would continue to visit that website. It needs to be stressed that the correct alignment of visual elements helps viewers understand the relationships of the objects on that particular page, and why they are then used.

Text Size – Text size is of great importance when it comes to website layout. Whether it is a heading, sub-heading, or body content writing, your text must always be an appropriate size so it is easy to read. Text must be a considerable width and size, and should essentially fit in a line, without having to cram words into small spaces. It should be easy to differentiate between headings and the body content, so text size is very important.

Screen Resolution – All websites should be done in a common resolution, so that headings, text, images and clips are all seen by the viewers without having to change the resolution size to fit each image of text accordingly.