People are looking for such cameras which are quite cheap and qualitative in the same time. There are many different models which can suit different budgets and different requirements. For example, there are some cameras which are quite expensive, but they have the same features as professional cameras. But if you have such hobby as digital photo but do not have an opportunity to buy very expensive model, you can choose the cheapest one but still very functional.

The average price of good camera is about $ 600. The best examples of this class are such models as Samsung GX – 1s and Nikon D40.

There are many special shops where you can choose digitalcamera. But the best decision it to start the choosing process from the special websites. You can find many advantageous offers in internet and compare different offers from the comfort of your won home. In fact, people pay first of all for brand name and the most popular and famous brand will be the most expensive independently on individual features of product.

While beingphotogenic just comes naturally to some people, there are a few things that anyone can do to look better in photos.

Try out the tricks in this article and stop running for cover whenever the camera comes out.

1. Wear clothes with colors that suit you. Certain colors complement certain skin tones, while others tend to bring out the worst. Also take into consideration your hair color.

2.Determine your best angle. Beyond the obvious hiding of blemishes, finding the right angle for your face can be a bit more difficult. The best thing you can do is experiment using a digitalcamera so that you can immediately see the results of each pose. It will very quickly become obvious which angles are most flattering for you, and you can then use that angle as much as possible in the future. The classic model's pose is to arrange your body 3/4 toward the camera with one foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the camera than the other.

3. Get rid of a double chin. Tilt your head down slightly and try to position yourself so that the camera is a little above your eye level. This will hide a double chin fairly effectively. You can also put one hand under your chin as though you're resting your head on your hand (keep the thumb side of your hand out of the camera's view, if possible). Don't actually rest any weight on the hand, however, or you will push the skin into an unflattering position. Also try resting your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

4. Stick your neck out. One trick models often use is to present a 3/4 pose to the camera (turn your head so that 3/4 of it is exposed to the camera, as opposed to a full frontal shot) and then lift your neck and slightly tilt your head down, as though you are a turkey sticking its head out (without actually thrusting your chin out). This improves facial definition and helps ameliorate wrinkles and flabby skin.

5. Relax. Many people end up looking odd in photos because they freeze into odd facial expressions with a "say cheese" type of smile on their face. If you're used to having bad pictures taken of yourself, you probably get nervous in front of the camera, and this can make things even worse.

6.Smile with your eyes. Nothing projects happiness and beauty like smiling eyes: a happy, somewhat mischievous expression of the eyes. To achieve this effect, imagine that the camera is a person you have a crush on walking into the room. This will create wider open eyes and a relaxed smile. Chances are you unconsciously do this all the time; the trick is to be able to bring it out on demand, so practice the smiling eyes in front of a mirror.

Multimedia here and multimedia there. Today's reality is that people live on a fast pace so their time is important. They watch tv going from one channel to the other, get a satellite dish so they can watch their favorite show on a different time schedule after putting the kids to bed, go through mail as fast as you can count up to 3, surf on the web with an average of 55 seconds spent on a web page, read the newspaper by going through the big titles, etc. It is a matter of facts, today's companies and entrepreneurs need to get the best out of every second a potential customer, or current customer, will spend paying attention to their offer. There are many ways to improve receptivity and develop time saving solutions such as using repetivity and faster technologies but how can multimedia work for you?

Imagine how more effective a digital business card could be versus the traditional piece of paper! Such a multimedia presentation of your company or services could make a difference between a sale and another time wasting meeting. Now imagine how a great interactive marketing campaign could support your professional multimedia presentation or multimedia portfolio! The repetivity effect of your multimedia production would improve even more the receptivity of your audience. In addition, your interactive marketing campaign could be used to generate valuable data from respondants, which would then allow you to filter those respondants and only target high potential customers with future multimedia presentations or direct marketing campaigns.

In the same path, interactive websites using flash animations can also improve receptivity if used the smart way. Remember how much time people spend on a web page in average? Taking that into consideration is an essential key to the success of a flash website. Don't overload your flash animation or make your website navigation too complicated. The point here is to get visitor's attention and keep them awake, not make them loose patience and leave your overloaded flash website!

In many ways, multimedia can help you improve the receptiveness of your message but it goes way beyond that. You can also save time to your customers by developping multimedia applications such as an interactive training or multimedia tutorial! Offering that kind of multimedia support to your customers could greatly improve their learning process and save them time. As you know, saving time to your customers and offering effective support is a step forward in your customer retention efforts.

Over years, multimedia and interactive marketing services got more affordable. Many multimedia companies are now offering solutions that even smaller budgets can make room for.

1.Use layers as often as you want to. Using a liberal dose of layers will make it much easier later when it's time to re-edit and animate. In addition, it doesn't add much to the overall file size.

2.Save copies of the file as you work when using Flash. This is especially helpful when you're using a Mac. This will come in handy when you suddenly experience problems in opening a Flash file you've been slaving your days with.

3.Use color outline layers and guide layers liberally. Both are found under the layer pulldown menu. The color outline layers show a layer in its outline form -- great for getting quick and precise positioning particularly with scanned drawings. Guide layers are for positioning bitmap guides or for testing layers you may want to remove from your final version. They allow you to keep a layer from exporting.

4.Mix and match programs and media to get better results. Experiment and try combinations such as flat color vectors with photographic bitmaps for an interesting and rich output.

5.For additional depth and color to vector images, use gradients.

6.Don't overdo your media.

7.Never make your audience wait.

8.Design delays that cover the loading process. Flash features full attributes that helps in keeping the audience occupied while that giant sound file is loading in the background.

9.Use the knowledge and wisdom of your friends and colleagues. A good multimedia comes from a diverse source of skills found in people. The adage that two minds are better than one definitely applies here. Talk to other multimedia designers or join groups and mailing lists to share ideas and knowledge.

Graphic Designing is an art to enhance the appearance of any layout. With its help we can make the layout, presentation or just a product cover so much attractive to viewers. Along with making things attractive the other aspect of Graphic Designing is to help in better communication. However it may look pretty simple but needs attention on every minute details.

Graphic Designing Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of the media type that particular GraphicDesign is about to served, can be done on two major types: a) Online / Web Design; b) Offline / Print Design

1. Web Graphic Designing

Further classification of Web Graphic Design can be done on these basis:

a) Website Design
b) Banner Ads Design (Static Banners, Flash Banners, Rich Graphic Banners)
c) Illustrations or Web Manual Design
d) 3D Animation Design
e) Flash Animation Design

2. Print Graphic Designing

These art creations make a huge impression on us by all the following ways:

a) Newspaper Design
b) Newspaper Ad Design
c) Magazine Design
d) Magazine Ad Design
e) Post Card Design
f) Flier Design
g) Company / Corporate Logo Design
h) Brochure Design
i) Business Card Design
j) Banners / Hoarding Design

Here we discussed very few dimensions of Graphic Designs. But with so many computer softwares easily available at such a low price or even free of cost at times, it is observed that everyone around these days start considering himself or herself as a Graphic Designer.

Many are at home designing and try saving few dollars by creating their own wedding invitations, holiday newsletters, calendars and much more. Still matter of the fact is same, “let expert do their job”. With the expertise you can cherish a perfectly designed graphic that will help you and your business to express the right message across.

Media marketing online is a leading SearchEngineMarketing company providing Optimization services. Media Marketing Online create, implement and measure Internet marketing, advertising, and search engine strategies .For their efforts and services they can be rightly called ecommerce consultants.

Core services offered by Media Marketing Online includes Search Engine Optimization(SEO)/ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) , Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Campaign Management , Online Media Planning & Buying , Email Strategies /Email Marketing , Internet Marketing Consulting , Advertiser/Agencies/Publishers Solutions , Web leadgeneration , Comparison Portals , Fund Raising Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations , Contextual Advertising Campaign Management , Web Site Linking/Link popularity .

Today 90% of people use search engines as their major sources to find out new websites and search for information. Online sales are derived from search engines thus making search engines like google, msn and yahoo as the major Online Sales Source. Internet users are more likely to click a search engine listing or a banner ads , so SEO is an important online marketing strategy for serious companies. Keeping changing search engine trends in mind MMO or media marketing Online is all geared up to provide world class value education related to Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Advertisers, Publishers, Affiliates to all individual related to Online Media Industry. Media Marketing online also offers expert SEO consultancy services, for companies who wish to do the SEO work in-house.

Media Marketing Online is unique type of agency, concentrating on valued brands, and dedicating themselves to create and maintain excellent client relationships.

Every weddingphotographer has their way of bringing out the magical event in every couple’s marriage.

Wedding photography is different from other areas in the US. When it comes to unique and elegance, they practice it well in San Diego. They practice photojournalistic wedding. When we say photojournalistic, they use an alternative approach to wedding photography wherein images are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion. Much like photojournalists for the media, wedding photojournalists present a story through the use of photographs. A wedding photojournalist typically shoots images quickly using available light or on-camera flash rather than using traditional, formal posing techniques and studio lights. A wedding photojournalist carries his or her photography gear, candidly capturing images during wedding day preparations, ceremony and reception party. Nowadays, there are new ways of capturing images because of new forms of technology. Photographers now reach new heights.

Technology has evolved with the use of remote triggers and flashes. Wedding photographers are now able to take advantage of traveling light and having the ability to use creative lighting. There are two primary approaches to wedding photography that are recognized today: Traditional and Photojournalistic. Traditional wedding photography provides for more classically posed images and a great deal of photographer control and interaction on the day of the wedding. Photojournalistic wedding photography takes its cue from editorial reporting styles and focuses more on candid and unposed images with little photographer interaction. These are two extremes and many of today's photographers will fall somewhere in the middle of these two styles. A third style that is becoming more and more in demand is a fashion-based approach. In contemporary/fashion-based wedding photography, photojournalistic images of the events of the day are combined with posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography as would be found in magazines like Vogue or Vanity Fair. The term contemporary wedding photography is used to describe wedding photography that is not of a traditional nature. The emphasis in contemporary photography is to capture the story and atmosphere from the day, so the viewer has an appreciation of what the wedding was like, rather than a series of pre-determined poses. However, this term can be mistaken for meaning any photograph that is not posed or formal. The advent and advancement of digital cameras and increased use of the internet mean that many people can offer their services as a wedding photographer. However, contemporary wedding photography is more than just not taking very formal photographs and involves the use of composition, lighting and timing to capture photographs that have a strong visual appeal. Couples can now experience these kinds of approaches because of affordable San Diego wedding photography.

If you want affordable wedding photography, you will find them in San Diego, CA. Imagine, contemporary wedding photographers and photojournalists will only provide albums, both posed and candid shots of the wedding couple and their guests at the religious civil ceremony and the reception that follows, digital services such as digital prints or slide shows, formal portraiture in the studio, indoor photography at a church or other private venue during the ceremony and reception, and outdoor photography.

It is there to be seen, touched and experienced. Apple iPhone is delivered for the service of mankind. The first glimpse of this mobile gadget makes meaning for those who admire beauty with brain. In an alluringly sophisticated self, Apple iPhone comes to offer magnificent features within its slim profile. It welcomes you with a high resolution, touchscreen display - all along with a bag full of advanced programmes.

Enjoy listening to your favourite music tracks with iTunes CoverFlow. An integrated 2.0 MP camera lets you capture moments of your life. The big, high resolution display helps you to enjoy videos and downloads. With all the features within one entity, this calling device is an all-in-one phone replete with several possibilities to indulge in serious entertainment. This quad-band GSM comes equipped with EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi, powerful e-mail client and web browser. The phone comes in 4GB and 8GB versions and offers abundant space to save all your data effortlessly.

Now, after taking a view of the limitless possibilities, it won't be false to state that the calling device from Apple is a mobile phone, an iPod and a mobile Internet communicator- all perfectly juxtaposed to one single entity. Talk of Mac OS X - the all new and powerful operating system,ready to make you realise many a multimedia dreams. There is no stylus or a keypad, but the phone is assigned with a accelerometer sensor and proximity sensor. A 3.5 inch-wide display screen lets you to browse through the long list of features of this phone. All with the touch of your fingertips. A QWERTY keypad, though virtual, helps the users of this phone to enter data effortlessly.

The Nokia N78 is one of the N- series mobile phones Nokia is releasing this 2008. A lot of the handsets that make up the N- series are already getting plenty of attention. The N78 also has its share of following and clamoring consumers who cannot wait to own one and use one! The hype is not something unfounded though because this mobile phone does packs a whole bunch of exciting new and also improved features. Most especially, this communication device is highly acclaimed for its sharing capabilities as well as for having multimedia excellence. The question then is- how is the multimedia experience for this phone?

The answer to that is great or will be great! The Nokia N78 has done nothing but live up to people's expectation of the N- series. The latest line- up of Nokia phones promises to provide all users an unmatched experience in multimedia mobile phones. This means then that there would be plenty of applications and function for you to utilize. There will be more avenues for fun and entertainment provided to users. Of course, connectivity, functionality, and efficiency will not suffer but instead, are more improved!

According to Jonas Geust, the guy who is in charged of overseeing matters regarding the Nokia N- series mobile phones said that the N78 has the company's very latest services and technologies. This then enables all users to make the most out of this communication device. Moreover, according to Geust the N78 gives power to all people to realize their goals. Users can pursue their passions and explore new ones and enjoy to their heart's content all the videos and music they can get. All experiences can be conveniently shared. All this with the Nokia N78!

As an online printingcompany owner, I see firsthand the orders that come through from the web to print. It is amazing to see the wide spectrum of files that come through from novice to expert designers. It seems as though the majority of time spent on completing a printing order is on the design and setup process.

There are precise specifications for each printed project. For example, when designing a business card, flyer or anything else that requires a bleed off the edge (no white space) the file needs to be set up oversized. Most offset printing companies require a minimum of 1/8 inch over where you want to trim. This allows for enough room to trim all the way around the edge allowing the ink to bleed of the edge, and giving a nice professional look.

Another tip when designing projects to be printed is when you are using the color blue. I can’t tell you how many times we have printed a project with blue ink and it turns out looking purple. There is a reason for this and it is all in the design process. Blue is close to purple in the CMYK color spectrum, and it is very important to make sure to leave at least a 30% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values. Projects come through using 100% Cyan and 100% Magenta which on the computerscreen will appear to be blue. But, when printed through the offset process, the project may appear purple. The best solution would be to always use a low amount of Magenta whenever using high amounts of Cyan, example: C-100 M-70 Y-0 K-0.

The printing technology nowadays is unprecedented. The capabilities of these machines are out of this world. I am surprised when I see a project come in that has obviously not been designed by a professional. The printing costs are the same whether you design, or you have an experienced graphic designer do the work. Why spend the money on a project that is portraying your business as less professional? I am of the opinion that it is always better to spend a few extra dollars on design to maximize the impact of any printing project. In fact, some files that aren’t prepared correctly need to be corrected by the printer which there is usually always a fee, so in the end, it will benefit you to have it done right the first time.

Business is more competitive in a down economy. There is less to go around when people stop buying. So, if you are a company that advertises through flyers, door hangers, notepads or postcards-make sure to hire a graphic design professional for your printed projects. It just might be the difference between you getting the job or account versus your competitor.

Do you want your brochure designs to look better and greater than they were before?

In this article we have listed down a few little AdobePhotoshop magic tricks that will see your brochureprinting designs improve and becoming more eye catching. Just follow the tips below and see if you may want to do this in your brochures.

Enhancing your images – The first little Photoshop magic that you can do is to enhance your images. Enhancing your graphics, makes them look more vibrant and basically more attractive to readers. They will engage more with the pictures and hopefully get the dominant feeling out of them.

You can improve your images for your color brochures by simply adjusting the true color values and the brightness and contrast settings of the image. In addition, if there are errors in the images like splotches, or even image elements that you do not want see, you can easily erase these elements with the eraser tool and the clone tool in Photoshop.

Adding filter effects – Also, to add a more general effect to the whole brochure, you can try adding some filters into certain design elements. You can make your pictures look like posters, sketches or paintings using special artistic filters in Photoshop.

You can also add in some softening effects, blurs to text, and images to make the brochures look lighter and softer. There are also filter effects to make things look grainy or distorted, if you want to add a little bit of personality in your brochure designs. Doing these effects makes the brochure unique and interesting so make sure to try these filters out.

Making the text come out – Now, with regards to your text content one of the best ways to make them come out is by using some blending options. You can add in shadows into your text to make them look like they were lifted off the page.

Embossing effects can make 3D shadows for the text making them look three-dimensional. Glowing effects can make the text shine and come out, while texture fills can make your brochure text look like it was made out of a certain material. Playing with these blending options can really make your text more interesting. So if you want to emphasize some of your text and titles, try using this kind of magic.

Fiddling with your backgrounds –Finally, one of the best subtle design magic that you can use for your brochures are texture effects in your background. While others are content in just a color background, in Photoshop, you can add in texture effects to make the background look more real with a certain type of material.

For example, you can make your brochure background look like it was made from satin, sand, brick and many other texture effects. You can even download special textures if you really want to customize the background. Adding textures to your background is a great way to enhance your brochure theme and it is one of the best ways to complete a well-made brochure design.

Therefore, those are just some of the Photoshop magic that you can use for your color brochures. Try some of these out and see what they can do to improve your brochure designs. Good luck!

Through analysis, we find that one obvious reason is that there are many high-resolution images and photographs in the presentation.

Regarding this problem, the following paragraphs will list some tips to help reduce the size of PowerPoint presentations.

1.Use compressed graphics file formats to reduce the size of PowerPointThere may be many images in graphic formats like bitmap (.bmp) in your PowerPoint presentation. The suggestion is to open bitmap image with a program that converts images and save the image in one of the following graphic file formats: jpg, gif, tif, wmf. Once your image has been saved under another format, you can reinsert it into your slide. If you do this for all your images, your presentation will be much smaller and it will run smoothly and fast.

2.Save your presentation a second time to reduce the size of PowerPointOpen your presentation, go to File (2003)/Office Button (2007) >> Save As… and give it another name. Then click “Save”.Doing this you will have a second presentation that often is smaller than the original copy.

3.Choose E-mail (96 ppi) output to reduce the size of PowerPointPicture Tools >>Format >> Compress Pictures >> Options >> Target Output >> E-mail (96 ppi)(For PowerPoint XP and 2003, right-clicking the image >>Format Picture >> Compress >> Web/Screen)This would change all the pictures used in your presentation to an optimal size.

4.Insert a hyperlink instead of inserting an object to reduce the size of PowerPointWhen you insert an image, you have the option to insert it either as an embedded object or as a linked file. By inserting it as a linked file means it will not become a part of the final presentation file. But you should always make sure that the linked file is with you and in the computer where you will run the presentation. Otherwise, the hyperlink won’t be working.Insert >> Picture >> From File >> Select the image you want to insert >> Click the little down arrow besides Insert >> Link to File

The tips above are only the basic steps for reducing the size of a PowerPoint. In tip4, hyperlinks wouldn’t work if the computer where the presentation will be played is not connected to Internet, thus lots of inconvenient you may confront with.

In order to quickly and effectively compress your presentation to a minimum, converting the PowerPoint presentation to video with a third-party tool such as Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converterwill be a good choice. And it is especially suitable for the presentations that contain lots of pictures. By doing so, the file size could be reduced to up to 90%.

Besides the advantage of reducing file size, converting your PowerPoint presentation to video also has many other benefits:
1.Enable you to view your PowerPoint presentations without the need of MS PowerPoint. WindowsMediaPlayer would be OK.
2.Podcast PowerPoint slide show to iTunes or your own blog for sharing.
3.Show your PowerPoint presentations on YouTube, Google Video, etc.
4.Review PowerPoint presentations on iPod/iPhone/Pocket PC.
5.Create mp4video and view PowerPoint presentation on TV.

About Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter:It is an all-in-one PowerPoint to video converter. With only 3 clicks, you can convert PowerPoint presentations to video formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP with high quality.

Recommended video settings:Resolution: 640 * 480Frame
Rate: 20fps

After you have used the methods above, your PowerPoint presentation should now be light and more manageable.

Some people are fans of article marketing. Others aren't. This may be due to concerns about their articles being stolen, duplicate content penalties or even just a dislike of article writing. Could it be? Is article marketing a waste of time? In my experience, no, it is not. I gettraffic and backlines from articles I've written.

I get better searchenginerankings. It works for me. Why doesn't it work for
everyone? The first reason article marketing doesn't work for everyone is that not everyone goes at it right. They try submitting private label articles or don't spell and grammar check their work. They submit thinly disguised ads as articles. In short, they don't think about what article publishers will want to use or what people will want to read. What helps make an article stand out? Article writing doesn't have to be laborious. If you know your topic well it may take only 10 minutes or so to write a reasonable quality article. If you want to stand out more, you may need to do some research or be more detailed in what you write about your topic. The articles that really stand out are the ones that provide the best information to readers.

Lists are said to work very well. You can do a top 10, 20 or more with some pretty good results. Shorter lists work well if you give details as to why you picked each item for your list. Humor can also work. Humor is often some of the hardest writing to do, but when it's working it's a lot of fun. You may run the risk of offending people and you need to think about what impression a humorous article will give of your business. It may not be the one you mean to make. Submitting your articles to the right sites helps. While you can submit your articles to smaller article directories, the bigger ones such as ozone Articles are more important. But that doesn't mean smaller ones are good for nothing or visit If they are choosy about the kinds of articles they accept, your work may only be associated with other good articles. Many article directories accept pretty much every article, and your work is hidden by junk and spam. If you're submitting by hand, skip this kind of directory. Niche directories are a good choice as well. This can keep your article with other relevant content. Your odds of being read by people interested in the topic may go up. And of course submit articles to relevant webmasters who accept article submissions. This can go a long way toward developing a relationship with another webmaster. You don't want a competitor so much as a complementary site. It's making the extra little efforts that will help your work to stand out. People who fail in article marketing most often do so because they aren't working hard enough on it. Don't fall into that trap.

Graphic image photos text sounds MP3 video flash animation htmlMultimedia Displayer is an easy-to-use professional multimedia authoring tool, for inexperienced and advanced users. Without having to learn any complicated programming languages, you will be able to combine graphic, image, photos, text, sounds, MP3, video, flash, animation, html and other elements into your own creation. After finishing your work, you can distribute it as executable file and can operate multiple display units ( LED / LCD displays, Plasma TV, Projectors, Bulletin or Videowall ) remotely across a network ( LAN / WAN or Internet).

Multimedia Displayer is an application that operates various display systems in a LAN, WAN or Internet.It is a simple and easy Information / Multi-media Display System. It can operate multiple display units ( LED / LCD displays, Plasma TV, Projectors, Bulletin or Videowall ) remotely across a network ( LAN / WAN or Internet).

Multimedia Displayer supports various types of contents, such as VIDEO ( vcd / dvd / avi / wmv / quicktime / cable TV / web cam), IMAGE (bmp / gif / jpeg ), SCROLLING TEXT, WEB PAGES and POWERPOINT. Moreover, It contains other enhanced features include screen splitting, ad-hoc message, online update schedule and group a number of contents into groups or categories each with a sequence of play-list order.

Multimedia Displayer is an architecture for storing, managing and distributing dynamic media content across IP networks. Its award-winning software schedules and delivers all types of digital multimedia, ranging from static images and text to high-quality video and animation.

Digital recording promises to be the technology which helps us to get rid of the tiresome work of recording long conversations / interviews on tapes and to no longer burdened with boxes and boxes of 90-minute tapes. Now you can record interviews right onto your computer or your laptop. We can now process our interview recordings / conversations digitally, by adding effects, mixing, and so on, plus edit to literally dozens of "generations" without any loss of quality.

Effective Recording with Digital Audio Recorder:

You can work on or record a long audio file up to 2GB size (for a 16 bit file). This will allow you to work on a file of 3 hours and 20 minutes duration in CD quality Stereo. When hard disk space is limited, it alerts us in advance and allows you to clear files to continue. You can load a complete CD's content into one file and edit it directly.

Digital Audio Recording overcomes the grind of conventional tape recording such as, play-type-rewind. Digitally recorded interviews are easy to transcribe and allows in slowing down the play back. Digitally recording the interviews are particularly valuable to Web journalists and other online writers. Digital recording allows the readers to hear the source for themselves. Prior to the conduct of the interview, you should ask for permission to hit the upload button to the person who appears for the interview.

To record the interviews, all you need is telephone-recording unit, a computer (PC) equipped with a sound card and an audio-editing program, such as FlexiMusic or Goldwave.

Part 1:You connect your phone to your computer. Plug one end of the phone line into the recording control device and the other end to the telephone. Now plug the jack into your computer's sound card on the back of the computer. Your hardware is now ready to carry out your recordings.

Part 2:Now it is the turn of installing your software program that records and saves your digital audio recording. There is a lot of editing software available in the market which fulfils all the requirements for effective recording. You can choose any program of your choice.

Presently, I use FlexiMusic Wave Editor; it is economic shareware and user- friendly software. It is free to use as a trail version. If desired, this can be purchased at an affordable price of $ 20.

After downloading and installing FlexiMusic Wave Editor you have to adjust the settings to get into your work.

To Start Up:

Once your hardware and software settings are made correct, you're ready to record the interviews. But before you start up, you'll need to create the file to save your recordings.Run the FlexiMusic Wave Editor; Click the File menu, to choose New. On click to the New Menu, a dialog box (create new wave file) will open where you can select the sample rate, channels (stereo & mono) and the bit rate. You can choose the standard values such as sample rate (44100), channels (stereo) and bit rate (16 bit). Then click OK to set these standard values.

Now Recording:Under the Tools menu, choose Record option or use the Record tool button (red disc), to Open the Record Audio dialogue box, this will pop up out to the FlexiMusic Wave Editor- Record Audio Window.

Recording window:

From the Recording window, select the source of your audio signal and set the volume for recording.

Windows Volume & Play Controls:

On clicking the Recording Source and Volume button, this will open up to the Windows Operating System recording control box. Here you can select the proper channel that is, the means through which you hear the audio such as Stereo mix / CD / Line in / Mixer / Aux / Microphone / Wave / or any other. Now click the Playing devices and volume button to adjust the output play volume of each channel separately.

After making sure of all settings, then back to the FlexiMusic Wave Editor- Record Audio Window, where you can find Start button to carry out recordings.

1) Now you are ready for recording, for instance, if the recording is through phone, a dial tone can be heard. Prior to an interview, it is better advisable to check the line and your recording program to make sure that everything is set right. Click the Start button on the Record Audio Window.

2) Things that are to be taken care prior to recording are,Avoiding background noise, it's all around us . . . and it can spoil your recording from the start.
Choosing the Best Sampling Settings, when we work with sound on computers, we need to change it to a digital form. . I would suggest aiming at a sampling rate of 44100 Hz, because, the more samplings the computer records, the better the sound.

Adjust Volume Levels to Avoid Distortion; Keep an eye on your recording levels. You can observe the recording volume going up and down in the vertical white bars that which indicates the Recording Volume level. If you see the color in the bar constantly hitting the top, it indicates to reduce the volume if not your audio will be distorted. If you see the volume levels are too low - moving only at the bottom, then you will need to increase the volume. Simultaneously, you can watch the recording time too.

3) When your recording is completed, then again back to FlexiMusic Wave Editor- Record Audio Window, click the Stop Recording button. At any moment if you need to pause your recording, you can use "Pause" button. Once the recording is completed, click the Stop Recording button. If you are sure that your recordings are perfect, click on the "Done" button to finish the recording.

Save your Recordings:

As soon as the recording is completed, do save your recordings, for this click the File menu and choose Save. This will allow you to put the recorded file in a specific folder. Type the file name in the box against File Name. Consider using a name that which is much easier for you to figure out where the file is. Next, choose a format in which you your recordings to be such as, Mp3, WMA, Snd, Raw, Au.

MP3 Instructions:

For opening, editing, and save as Mp3 file you will need to install a separate command line Mp3 encoder/decoder. You can use LameWin32 encoder.
WMA Instructions:For exporting to a .WMA file you need to install a separate command line. You can use Windows Media 8 Encoding Utility (it is a WMA command line encoder).

Finally you have done! You can play back the file in FlexiMusic, or with any audio program, such as Windows Media Player or Winamp, and transliterate the recording.

Apple iPhone is a high-end gadget from the company that takes the mobile music and multimedia experience to the next level.

Great looks and ergonomic design would attract you to the Apple iPhone in the beginning. You could be tempted to hold the gadget in your hand and explore the features and functionalities that it has to offer. And chances are quite high that you would not be disappointed with what you find. You could come face to face with the large screen of the Apple iPhone and you would unwillingly start fantasizing about the viewing possibilities that could be explored using this handset device.

The highly flexible and user friendly interface would surprise you pleasantly and take the hassle out of using the Apple iPhone. As a matter of fact, the Apple iPhone is truly very easy to use. To cite a case in point, one could use the Apple iPhone for conference calling - quite literally, at the touch of one's fingers! The handset comes with voicemail as well as other interesting features such as the Google map application that makes using the Apple iPhone highly desirable.

In addition, there are the other usual features that one has come to expect in mobiles that include capabilities for web browsing and email access. You could send emails with large attachments all from your Apple iPhone within a matter of seconds. You could use the Apple iPhone to listen to the latest chart busters or maybe even download songs from personal computers in a jiffy. With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and easy synchronization with computers, the Apple iPhone has got all that it takes to make a definite and positive impact in enhancing the quality of your mobile life.

In the print market industry, the use of digital printing applications and integration of these applications is quickly increasing due to their amazing quality prints and higher response rate. The digital printing applications are delivering significant value by doing things that offset can’t do. No matter whatever your printing requirements are, with digital printing you can fulfill your every business printing needs within time and budget.

Digital printing differs from traditional printing process and it is a direct to output device process thus it does not employ a pre press operation. Unlike the traditional print process, the image is created on the computer and transmitted directly to the output device. All the content of the job for digital printing is kept in digital form in number of formats like PDF, PPML EPS, PDF, PostScript etc. right from the start to end of the printing process.

Another distinction between the traditional printing and digital application is the connection between the tools and ink delivery system. Output devices like inkjet printers are designed with a specific ink and ink delivery system in place which is unique to each digital press. And, the kind of equipments and tools selected is also driven by the product produced.

With digital printing technology, you can get various benefits that include:

•Excellent quality with higher response rate
•Delivers printed materials faster, cost effective and with big marketing impact
•Low setup and production cost
•Print or customize your job according to your needs
•No waste, your printing job won't become outdated

Apart from that, the job printed with digital printing is extremely durable, waterproof, long-lasting and fade resistant. The digital prints can be printed on 8 color printer with high quality resolution. With the advancement in technology, digital print output has progressively improved from traditional color presses to sophisticated color digital presses.

In the current time where every business tycoon prefer perfection and quality to promote their business or services, digital printing services can provide high quality, eco-friendly and cost-effective prints in short span of time. According to your requirements and budget, you can get latest, innovative and creative designs using the digital printing technology and its integrated applications. In today’s competitive market, digital printing equipments and technology have developed and become so user friendly and environment friendly that one can design prints using their own imagination and creativity. More to say, digital printing technology sets up the perfect concordance between the advanced technology and professional expertise of graphic designers. Now, digital printing has the changed the face of banner printing, large format printing, business card printing and other marketing material.

Another good thing is that, digital printing services are also available online. You can find various websites about digital printing providers that are specialized in digital printing and serve all of our business printing needs at affordable prices.
Summary: Digital printing has the changed the face of banner printing, large format printing, business card printing and other marketing material. Digital printing differs from traditional printing process and it is a direct to output device process thus it does not employ a pre press operation and delivers printed materials faster, cost effective and with big marketing impact.

Certainly each of us has played a game at least for one time, yet certainly not every person, who has tried to fulfill it, is aware of how a game is developed. The mechanism of developing flash games is not easy and people who make them should have excitement, verve, awareness of contemporary mechanics and a great amount of other things for creating an striking game that will search otu their dedicated players in a lot of countries.

The most leading point you should have for developing a game is a story (plot). Such stories are created by game makers or players. When a presentation of the game is made, diagrams and essential instructions are created by writers and artists. Next these descriptios are scanned on to a computer. Eventually the closing step is to develop the entire story and its figures alive.

There are a great number of ways for creating a flash game. One of the most famous is Macromedia Flash MX. This program gives the chance to create vivid, graphic, multimedia driven games. There exist a file format, a performer and authoring appliance in a flash. It gives creators of flash games the chance to make files that are able to be downloaded per net. By means of flash rich graphics can be invented. Flash also makes possible to import graphics formats so that developers can apply Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, or Fireworks to create the game. rich colorful graphics created by flash can be transmitted over the net. Different types of games like adventure, sports, educational or role-playing can be also invented by flash.

The entire mechanism of creating games is very not simple and consists of five steps.

1.Developing the figures. diagrams are attuned and created as well as it may only be. Then these perfect diagrams are converted into 3D characters.

2.Making the figures alive. Actions and feelings are "set" into figures by means of programmers with the help of Flash.

3.Making the surrounding area. Different sorts of landscape as clouds, moon, shadows are very helpful in making the atmosphere of danger and add the feeling of endangerment and reality to the players. Flash is able to make real environment. We should not let slip from memory that it is the surrounding area that makes the games real. In the following step 3D effects are also produced.

4.Coding. Instructions given by developers have the name of codes. They set brightness to the game and move the game ahead. In other respects the gaiety of the game relies on the quality of a code. The more complicated a code is the more interesting a game will be. Coherence is also "set" in to a game with the help of codes.

5.Testing. It begins after the coding and is important for adapting the game.

Consequently, Flash is a widespread software with game creators. There are even Flash Tutorials in internet for everybody having interest to inventing games.

Video game advertising is simply using computer and video games as a medium to deliver advertising. What’s so great about it is that it allows Boston Advertising Agencies to reach a typically difficult to reach demographic: young affluent males ages 18-34. Video games have the 4th highest reach for teens and heavy gamers (following TV, internet and radio), and an article published by this week stated that 97% of America’s youth play video games in some form.

What this all means for Boston Advertising Agencies is huge market potential. The video game industry itself is booming, with global sales rising from $6.6 billion last year to %14.4 billion by 2012. There is just so much opportunity here, it’s amazing.

New forms of in game advertising allow Boston Advertising Agencies to tailor their message to geographic location, and to time zone, allowing for the delivery of time sensitive messages (like a movie launch). Information can also be sent back to the agency from the player’s machine to help evaluate how effective the advertisement placement is for the viewer.

Video game advertising has actually been around for quite a while; the first example appeared in 1978, believe it or not. The market is growing at an unprecedented rate, and is presenting a huge amount of opportunity to be taken advantage of by Boston Advertising Agencies. The potential here is amazing, and it will not be long before agencies start popping up that specialize in solely this form of advertising. It is definitely an industry that should be watched and paid very close attention to, and taken advantage of sooner rather than later.

LCD and plasma screens are no longer just the remit of the front room and bedroom. There is just as much chance of seeing a LCD TV on the high street these days than in a living room as outdoor digital signage and open air entertainment systems are spreading throughout our cities and towns.

There are many reasons for taking an LCD TV outdoors. For signage and advertising an outdoor TV system will obviously reach a larger audience while for entertainment, TV systems are more and more likely to be placed outside as customers choose to spend the evenings in the open air due largely to the introduction of the smoking bans.
Standard LCD TVs are obviously not designed for outdoor use but that doesn’t meant that they can’t be used outside and while specific outdoor LCD TVs are available their cost can be prohibitive to most businesses.

Fortunately a far more cost effective but just as protective solution is available in the guise of an LCD enclosure. These are a really flexible solution as they allow the use of standard TV systems in outdoor and hazardous locations. An LCD enclosure allows the use of standard TVs because it protects against the outdoor elements and when any LCD TV is placed outside these elements need to be considered.


Rainfall and water splashing is perhaps the biggest threat to an outdoor TV system or LCD placed in an industrial location. Ensuring the LCD stays dry and is sealed against water ingress is important which is why just as outdoor LCD TV’s are built to IP65 and NEMA 4 so is an LCD enclosure, making it waterproof.

Dust and airborne particles

Not much of a consideration for outdoor use but a higher level of airborne particulates are present in outdoor locations but it is a real problem in industrial applications which is why LCD enclosures are dustproof.

Extreme temperature

Both the screen and LCD may experience a heat wave or cold snap which is why thermostatic cooling and heating systems are installed in LCD enclosures and the screens are protected using anti-glare glass.

Web Banner Pricing is not often questioned but it should be. Yes! They are absolutely valuable that is not the issue - website banner cost is!

More to the point - while recently 'driving' through the information highway we so lovingly refer to as the internet (for which I could certainly NOT live without), I noticed a plethora of websites that capitalize in this industry. The problem is, these companies are not really explaining why their web banner price is so high. Custom? Premium? Unique? No, it has more to do with the fact that they are very cheap to produce compared to web banner costs their customers are paying! Just google "web banner design" and you'll see. There are approximately 15 MILLION websites out there that refer to that keyword phrase alone!! Upon closer inspection, I realized that you would be hard up to find a company out there that will charge you less than $18.00 for ONE design.

Well, that's not really much is it? Think again! The average time it takes to design a premium banner is about 15 - 20 minutes. So, lets calculate that - for the sake of it - lets say it takes 20 minutes to design a well created ad - and the company is charging $20.00 per design - they make 3 banners in an hour - that's $60.00 PER HOUR! $86,000 a year if they work approximately 30 hours a week! That is incredibly steep. Yes, banner design programs can be costly but they've basically made their money back with just two or three designs! Website banner cost has become quite ridiculous! Necessary evil is what I call it and should be frowned upon - let's face it - with the web banner costs these design companies are charging THEY ARE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!! Do website banner design ads really drive more traffic? Yes! It has been proven to work - but is the web banner price really justifiable? Not at $25.00 a pop!

How to get wordpress themes

There are two routes to getting a premium wordpress themes.

The first is to find a designer that sells premium wordpress themes. Generally you'll want to look for designs that are highly and easily customizable, have a degree of support (whether that be direct with the designer or via a forum), offer upgrades/updates to fix bugs or add new features, and offer more than "run of the mill" features you could easily find in a free theme.

The second is to hire a designer to create a unique blog template to your exact specification.

The first option is cheaper and quicker but you still may not own a completely unique wordpress themes.

The second option is more expensive and takes longer to implement, but you'll hopefully get a design that's truly your own.

Example an big collection is website wordpress themes
you can go there to look.

More advantage

1. Look and Feel
2. Ease of use
3. Pride
4. Long term view


It's possible to run a successful blog off the back of a free wordpress themes, but moving to a premium wordpress themesdefinitely has its advantages.
If you need to collection some premium wordpress themes you can go there to got it just need to click wordpress themes

There exist only 256 colors in the GIF image format. JPEG format carries the try to have a deal with a larger amount of colors. The indexed color map is put to use to save the colors. It as well at times has the name of a palette, color index or color lookup table. A one-byte number counting from 0 through 255 is saved in every pixel. It demonstrates the position in the palette.

From everything mentioned above the result results that high-resolution icons can be saved by means of the GIF format. And we ought to not let slip from memory that only 256 colors may be put to use. You can set the palette of colors with the help of a graphics program. The icon is supposed to have more than 256 colors subsequently a GIF file has been by the time mentioned displayed|shown|demonstrated}. Pixels consisting of varied colors are used, that is why in the palette they are smoothed. The icon will possess only 256 colors after it has been transformed to GIF format. It denotes that the finer graphics file conversion program is put to use, the finer palette may be invented.

It is advisable to apply the GIF file for that graphics in which an acute arrangement in colors between its elements is all-important. Two GIF formats {can|may|are able to| be marked. They are GIF87 and GIF89. GIF87 is the common format and GIF89 is applied for icon clarity and animation. The last can convert any background into {transparent and it from this follows that various shapes of icons can be created.

And all GIF files may be interlaced. Remarkably, they can be picked up in net browser a while later they have been downloaded. During the performance of downloading interlaced GIFs are displayed in their whole size, although gradually improve in sharpness. A great number of graphics programs give the opportunity to saveicons as interlaced.
But where does the word JPEG (JPG) come from? It came from the group of its creators. The inequality between GIF and JPEG is that there exist no end in colors in JPEG format. There exist the most famous JPEG formats. They are one byte per pixel (256 colors), two bytes per pixel(65,356 colors) and three bytes per pixel (16,777,216 colors).

Both GIF and JPEG files are saved compressed. But icons can be saved with different amounts of improvement in a compression technology which possesses JPEG. One more enequality is that JPEGicons are less dithering than those in GIF format. In such wise, the JPEG compression format possesses a lack of precision.

Software Model: AutoCAD & 3ds max; Texturing & rendering: 3ds max plus V-Ray Advanced; Post Processing: Photoshop
Modeling: The entire building was modeled in AutoCAD, except the spiders, text on the glass, ivy and long grass.

The spiders and text on the glass were both modeled in 3ds max using common commands. For the long grass I used 3ds max fur based hair on a common plane applying soft selection and some noise. The Ivy was made with the Gwivi plugin form guruware.

Textures: Most materials are V-Ray materials but in some cases I used a V-Ray blend material like for the oxide on the walls or the floor with the flower drawing. This allowed me to handle different reflection types for different wall or floor components. Light objects are planes with a V-Ray light material assigned, with high multiplers. The glass was made with white refraction, 40% reflection, and some light green fog (0,1), and a noise map on bump to distort reflections. - All materials have reflections, from minimal reflections on walls (fresnel 10% with 0,5 glossiness) to steel parts (with 90% and 0,95 glossiness) On floor tiles, I used three multi sub object material in order to give three different looks with randomized color difference (RGB levels) and randomized coordinates to avoid the tiling. p4-camera There is a V-Ray physical camera with color balance adjusted to provide some light cyan color. The shutter speed is set to 5 and f-stop to 4. It is also a vertical shift correction without vignette, I prefer do it in Photoshop later.

Lights Illumination of the scene is solved with: Environment: V-Ray sky (very strong) and a direct light (sun, with multiplier of 4, warm orange color) in front of the camera. V-Ray lights on each light emitter (Approx. 30 lights, most with a yellow color with the exception of the lights on the first floor which are a more orange. All lights are set with affect diffuse and specular, and invisible, because the light emitters already have a V-Ray light material.
Rendering Settings The render was done using the V-Ray plugin using an irradiance map with medium quality for global illumination. The light cache was set to 1200 for primary and secondary bounces.

The final render was 3000 pixels which was more than enough. The antialiasing filter was Michel Netravali (good sharpen and lower noise) with adaptative QMC, set to min 3 max 10. The subdivisions threshold was set to 0,005. Color mapping was set linear, at 1,1,1.5 gamma to get more illumination in thegrey areas.
I realize this is not a linear workflow, but this gives me the best resolution in the situation.

With the rapidly developing of technology, spy cameras are designed to look like a variety of everyday objects. You can buy a self recording spy camera in the form of a CD player, plug in air freshener, wall outlet, wall clock and more. Self Recording Spy Cameras come in almost as many forms as the cheaper variety. Plus, the extra features make them an excellent choice for your hidden surveillance needs.

Give yourself a little piece of mind with one of these self recording spy cameras today.

Self recording spy cameras, also called self Contained Spy Cameras, come with all the components you need to record already inside the device. All you have to do is plug it in, or in some cases insert batteries, and your good to go.

As an added bonus, most self recording spy cameras are motion activated and can be programmed to record at specific times of day or have a certain area masked to make sure your dog or cat doesn't trigger the camera to record unnecessarily. If you already have a security camera, you can say goodbye to sifting through hours of uneventful footage when you choose to invest in one of the new self recording spy cameras.

Having a self recording spy camera in your home, office, or small business can provide evidence for theft of information, personal valuables, or important documents, as well as insure that you have the best nanny for taking care of your baby.

Give Yourself Piece of Mind with an Exclusive Look at What goes on When Your Out
According to reports, the number one use for self recording spy cameras is as a nanny spy camera. If you follow the news on the subject, you probably know why. Spy cameras have repeatedly caught hired caregivers neglecting, shaking, hitting and otherwise mistreating children entrusted to them. It is difficult to know who can be trusted in the child care profession, that is why the trend of nanny-watch cameras is growing.

Why Buy A Self Recording Spy Camera?

You may think a cheaper spy camera would do the job, but before you decide, you ought to know the advantages of having a self recording spy camera. Just a few years ago having a cheap spy camera meant you needed at least three components, and a complicated setup.

The smaller a company is, the more likely it becomes that a single person is going to be handling all of the marketing design work. I have seen many different companies where one person took care of all of it.

One person takes care of the writing and the graphic design aspect of things, and they helped to largely dictate what the marketing message was going to be.
Something like this has a specific pitfall that I have seen many times before, and that most do not bother to acknowledge, which can lead to some underperforming marketing campaigns if you aren’t careful.

Not everyone is going to be great at designing every single type of advertisements. The way you go about handling brochures is much different than what you would do with postcards or even posters. Each one has its own charms, and each one needs a certain kind of hand to design. Yes, there are people who are going to be perfectly fine at all of them, but that isn’t everyone, and if one person is handling all of your marketing, that might not be true for your company.

If a person who isn’t as good at a particular form of marketing needs to design a lot of it you might find yourself just getting some lack luster advertisements for your time. The best way to avoid something like this is to make sure you know what your designing is good at, and exactly what they can get enthusiastic about.
The more passion a person puts into their work the more effective the end product will be. Maybe your designing is particularly good at custom poster printing. They can come up with interesting images that immediate draw the eye and they’re great at working with shorter, to the point messages.

What you can do is try to craft a marketing message that will work effectively with custom poster printing in order to capitalize on this particular skill. Unless you have a message that simply has to be in one format, you can usually alter your message to fit into a variety of mediums. The best kind of marketing message is going to be one that can be worked into just about any type of advertisement.
The more people you have working on a marketing campaign the lower the risk is that you’ll have those who are best at one type of advertisement over another. Sometimes you just can’t afford to have multiple people.

The first thing you should do when giving these kinds of duties to someone is to ask them what they have experience in and what they enjoy doing the most. Yes, they might be able to make postcards, but they might not make postcards as skillfully as they can brochures or something like that. If you know what their strengths are from the beginning you can be sure to gain the most benefit from them.

Know more about the custom poster printing or poster printing technologies used by businesses for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Custom catalogs are supposed to look good. Furthermore, they are definitely supposed to bring in profits, too – lots of it.

Even if you design them in a way that makes your products and services look good, your catalogs will not be effective marketing tools if they do not sell. Remember that they are made for one thing: to sell.

Most business owners and marketers design their catalog printing without any idea of what it will take their catalogs to make money. Even if your graphic designer will be horrified at the thought, you cannot ignore the fact that print catalogs are precisely created for that particular job – to get lots of orders. These orders then ensure that you have a steady income.

If your catalogs do not sell, then you are just wasting your time, effort, not to mention your money in even starting the project. If your catalog design per se does not sell, here is how you can use it to get as many orders as you can from your custom catalogs:

• Apply a design element that calls attention to your products and services. Your designs are created to add emphasis to your products and services. It is therefore a very bad move on your part to have fancy designs that distract your readers from your selling message.
• Take for example the use of borders. Borders can look good and creative when you add them in the pages of your print catalogs. However, be sure to make them subtle so they will not take the spotlight away from the product that you are offering. On the other hand, you can also try to bleed your photos over the borders so you provide a 3D effect to your products.
• Get your photos popping off the page. In addition, since we are in the subject of 3D effects, photos that look like their trying to pop out of your pages can really grab the attention of your readers. Use drop shadows for that 3D look; and apply bleeds to your graphic images to make them look like they are extended off the page.
• Stop using scenes to improve the scenery. This technique is as old as the Stone Age. Your background only distracts and confuses your readers from understanding your selling message. You make it so hard for them to read your copy and therefore, make it difficult for them to decide in your favor.
• Do not get too excited with your color. Color can definitely bring to life your products and services. Also remember that too much of it can overwhelm and distract your target audience. Although you would want to attract attention by putting splashes of color in your catalogs, you might want to go back to our earlier principle that you are selling our products, not the design. Use the design therefore to highlight your products. Use your color to increase the appeal of your offer. In addition, not let your design get the better deal than your products and services.

Always remember that design does not sell. Your products and services are what will get the orders from your target clients. So be sure to emphasize them, not your design.

Know more about the custom catalogs or print catalogs technologies used by businesses for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

There is one real problem when it comes to online business card printing and that problem is in the design of your business card. In most cases, you need to design your own layout for business card printing.

This is important especially if you want to print them online. It is only logical for this to happen since you will have no design help at all in business card printing, unless you help yourself. Do not get troubled though since help can easily be found through five basic design tools in business card printing. Just read on and discover what these tools can do for you.

1. A computer – Of course your best and most important design tool is a computer. Of course, it must not be any kind of computer mind you. It should be a good and fast computer that can crunch up image design tasks in a flash. So make sure you secure the use of a high performance computer for your use in business card design.

2. Business card layout template
– Another important design tool is the layout template. Layout templates for business cards are basically pre-set documents with specific standard business card dimensions and guidelines in them. This helps a designer to quickly create a business card layout since most of the guidelines and dimensions have already been set into the file. So for a quicker and easier time in designing color business cards, make sure you have it.

3. Different font style resources – Typography is also a crucial element in color business card design. This means that you will need to have several “font styles” to choose from to see and experiment how your business card text looks like in different styles. That is why you will need to use the Internet to find font style resources such as websites and font databases. You can easily find free fonts on the Internet by using a simple search engine.

4. Business card design software – Of course, to marry all your fonts, and layouts together, you will need some sort of business card design software. There are plenty of applications out there that can let you design business cards specifically, In fact there are a couple of online applications that let you do just that.

However, for a more precise way of controlling your design, you should try using common desktop publishing applications such as Microsoft Office, or may even some image editing applications such as Adobe photo shop. In most of these types of software, you can even add images and other design elements to make your designs a little bit more interesting. So make sure you use this kind of software if you want to be in control.

5. Design references – Finally, to make sure your business card design is good and workable you need design references. This can easily be found on the Internet as well. Websites like Wikipedia can provide simple information about the proper international standards of business card printing, including the proper dimensions, layouts and other design preferences. Moreover, you can also try to look at other business card design websites so that you can have an idea of how business cards look today.

So there you have it, the five common business card design tools that you must learn to use or have. Try to have all of them before starting your design in earnest.
Learn about the developments in online business card printing or business card printing industry.

Naming your billboard company can be one of the most decisions you will make. A good name seems to lead to success, and a bad name normally guarantees failure.
So how do you correctly name your billboard business?

It needs to be, essentially, just one word.

Since the beginning of time (or at least the 1920s), billboards have been identified by a one-word name placed beneath the advertisement and centered from left-to-right. This one-word nameplate is called the “shield”. And it is placed on what is called the “skirting” of the sign.

So any good name for a billboard company should initially revolve around one word that is favorable for a shield. For example, your company could be named The Arkansas Company, and your shield would say “Arkansas”. Or, with that same shield, the company could be called Arkansas Outdoor Advertising. Or Arkansas and Associates Outdoor. But the essential part of the name is that one word that will go on the shield.

That one word needs to set the right tone.

You want a name on your shield that is strong and gives off a positive impression. You will soon be known as the “guy from __________” by your landowners and advertisers – so make sure that you pick a name you would want to be described as and identified with. Using a name that is already known and trusted by the general population is always a good one. For example, my first billboard company was called “Chase”, which I used to gain some of the respectability of the bank by that same name. Since a billboard guy is always in the field, and meetings are never held at this office, your clients will only know you by your company name, and a favorable impression will increase your odds of success.

Never use your name.

When you are trying to start a billboard company, it is very important to appear bigger than you really are, to give your clients reassurance that you will be able to deliver on your promises financially. There is no better way to appear like a small-time operator than naming the company after yourself. Your clients will immediately know, after meeting you in the field, that if the name of the company is the same as your last name, then you are a one-man band, and not a bigger concern.

Yes, there are exceptions to this rule – look at Foster & Kleiser, Lamar and Eller Media. But most of the household names are not last names , such as Clear Channel, CBS, and Fairway. Other than ego, there is no business advantage to using your name, but a lot of negatives, so it doesn’t make any sense to go that route if you want the best odds for success.

Make sure the name is easy to pronounce.

In the course of your career, you will be saying that name a thousand times a day “this is John Smith from Fargo Outdoor”, so make sure that it does not wear you out. It should be a couple syllables and no tongue twisters. If you cannot say the name ten times in a row, quickly, without screwing up, then find something easier. You clients will have as much trouble with saying the name as you will.


A good billboard company name gives a positive first impression, is easy to pronounce, and suggests that the company is larger than it really is. Since it is a competitive world out there, you need every advantage you can get – and there is no greater initial advantage than a good name.

So think carefully before you print those business cards or paint that first shield. Name yourself for success and you will be glad you spent the time and thought doing so.

Color business cards are so easy to create these days. This sparked one of the great debates today in the printing industry. What is the standard amount of color and level of ostentation that is needed in business card

It is no wonder that plenty of people are questioning the advantages and disadvantages of having too much or too little color in proper business card printing.

What I can tell you about this is that it actually depends on your purpose and specific use for such advertising tool. There are different types to suit each purpose. You do not have to follow the prevailing norm about color in your marketing material, as long as the design suits the purpose.

As such, to help you out, here is my advice on the proper level of colorful design depending on the purpose and type of your cards.

• Your advertising business card – For this type, people believe that the more color they have, the better it is. Generally, this is a nice rule of thumb to abide by. Since this type of advertising material are repackaged flyers with a sales representative’s name on it, it is only logical for it to have the loud and colorful design that competes with all other promotional materials.

This type need to stand out and what more can you do but to print them in full color regalia, to the delight of most of your potential consumers. Such that if you are a sales representative, or if you want to advertise your products in your card, you should do not worry too much and let loose your colorful imagination into your advertising materials.

• Your professional business card – For the professional type, the general rule however is more formal. In most corporate environments, loud and colorful ones are always frowned upon. This is because it is usually considered a sign of immaturity to print a loud card. The more formal your card is, the better it is in this case.
Using simple, clean and minimalist designs are usually used in the corporate crowd, with only a few little embellishments, used as a sign of personality. This is the way to go, if you want to be respected and accepted within the circle of corporate culture.

• Your personal business card – Finally for your own personal type (as a freelancer or as an employer) the best level of color and ostentation really depends on your own taste. Opting to have a personal card means that you can really dictate how loud or how formal it would be.

The more colorful your card is, the more it gets attention. The more formal and simple it becomes, the more functional and formal it turns out. It is up to you to decide whatever you want since of course this is your own business advertising tool after all.

Great! Hopefully this should give you a general idea of the proper design conventions of each type of business cards, especially regarding their level of color. Just try to ask yourself what kind of card you want to have, and you already know what kind of design is ideal for that. Good Luck!

Learn about the developments in color business cards or business card printing industry.

The basic consideration any marketer must make when selecting a graphic design and brand marketing service provider is their ability to build corporate identity and carry it through its lifecycle. Therefore the graphic design must be unique enough to evolve with time and support the brand marketing activities along with establishing the brand identity.

Selection Criteria for Hiring a Design House

When selecting the services of a company you must look at professionals who have been able to deliver visibility to corporate web presence, established brand identities for different companies and been able to lend authenticity to their designs.

What you're looking for is basically innovative ideas that are converted to unique products and services. The main reason for this is that you want to have an identifiable and distinct presence on the World Wide Web.

It really does not matter whether you are heading a small business or represent a Fortune 500 company, a unique graphic design and brand marketing plan will get your presence noticed anywhere. Great ideas and marketing strategies
are not limited to big names only.

Small Businesses Benefit with the Right Identity

If you're a small business then you should look at companies that aim to deliver unique graphics and brand presence on the World Wide Web for different business entities.

These service providers are well versed in getting you the required attention to compete with known names and identifiable logos of established big names.

An interesting fact to note is that 80% of all online business comes from the small businesses therefore a good company that specializes in catering to this sector will be able to provide you the desired results.
By selecting a company that understands small business, you will get the unique graphic design and brand marketing plans for a very affordable price making it both worthwhile and justifiable.

Importance of Well-Planned Graphic Design & Brand Marketing

When it comes to creating unique graphic design and brand marketing campaigns, you can completely revamp your current identity or start from scratch if you are new business. The idea is to actually have graphic designs and marketing concepts that will grow with time.

Simply creating an interesting logo or marketing collateral is not enough. The main identity of your company should be carried through very subtly and tied together on all the company collateral like brochures, business cards, flyers as well as the web presence that you may have.

Experienced companies are able to deliver this cohesion with flair and ingenuity. This aspect will greatly enhance your presence online and get you noticed by the right consumers. In fact a good marketing campaign and corporate branding campaign will allow you to jumpstart your small business and move miles ahead of the competition.

When you revamp your online web presence you can incorporate the same high quality design in your print material and carry it through in all collateral which builds the corporate brand. The real success comes from having flexible and vibrant graphic design as well as brand marketing strategies.

Since consumers are now tuned to recognizing branding efforts by corporations why not make your designs standout? The idea is to get you noticed and make you the number one choice of your consumers.

The combination of the internet, the Web, and technology has democratized business almost beyond recognition. Today the small, nimble, clever adaptor has the competitive advantage over their bigger, slower moving, 'we've-always-done-it-this-way' competitors; but the confluence of the Web environment and digital technology is one thing, how to use it effectively is another. Not every trendy social networking gimmick, user generated irrelevance, and pointless viral voyeurism is a productive business communication tactic.

The Day Dinosaurs Died

Like the dinosaurs that once ruled the world, the giant behemoth corporations that once dominated the business landscape have become fat and lazy, relying on muscle rather than brains, on statistics rather than understanding, and on technology rather than insight.

As these companies got bigger, they became top-heavy, corrupt, and stagnant, throwing their weight around rather than innovating and adapting. Oh yes, the big boys are still around, still doing what they've always done, jumping on every trend 'du jour' promoted by the 'blogosphere' without any real understanding of what it can accomplish, but hell, they figure if they throw enough you-know-what at the wall some of it is bound to stick, or so they hope.

But the handwriting is on the wall, the giant Internet meteorite has already hit these corporations right in their balance sheets and they are tumbling into irrelevance. The list of extinct corporate giants grows, and the march to Chapter 11 continues unabated.

So how does the smart, fearless, innovative thinking, business decision-maker take advantage of the Web's ability to even the playing field? The answer lies in their ability to use the Web as a persuasive communication medium.

Persuasive Communication

The Web is really a very simple concept: it is a place that allows you to communicate your message to your audience. What could be simpler, but like anything democratic, it's messy: a jumble of the very good and the very bad, and a whole lot of mediocre in-between. And in today's overcrowded Web-centric business environment there is little room for the mediocre.

In the final analysis all marketing, branding, positioning, advertising, and public relations is about communicating a persuasive message that attracts attention, generates interest, stimulates desire, triggers experiences, produces memories, and prompts action. And what Web-enabled communication tool gives you the best chance of delivering that kind of persuasive message? Web Video.

Persuasive Web Video Communication

The Web has some of the most effective creative video presentations you would ever want to see, and it also has some of the worst.

Easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive technology has created a plethora of do-it-yourself efforts. Some DIYers do it because of cost, others do it because of ego, and some just figure they're smarter than the people who do it for a living; and in some cases they may be right. Not all professionally produced Web-video is created equal. If your Web-video team is not pushing you to be bold with a focused, defining, differentiating message, then you've hired the wrong people.

Communication intended to persuade is a complex undertaking, one that requires a better understanding of how messages are communicated than it does the technical production issues. When people watch a video, what they see is far more susceptible to both intended and unintended nuance than a simple face-to-face conversation.

Every Move You Make, I'll Be Watching You

"Every move you make; every vow you break; every smile you fake; every claim you stake; I'll be watching you."

- From the song 'I'll Be Watching You' by The Police

Everything a person does or says is a sign, not just a communication of the obvious intent but also of the underlying subconscious subtext. In person, people have a built-in monitoring system that filters-out irrelevant verbal and non-verbal distractions, glitches and eccentricities, but on your website, in a video, those performance issues get magnified and can destroy your entire presentation.

In his book 'Messages, Signs, and Meanings' Marcel Danesi states, "Humans convey over two-thirds of their messages through the body, producing up to 700,000 physical signs, of which 1000 are different bodily postures, 5000 are hand gestures, and 250,000 are facial expressions."

If your website lacks a video presentation, and instead relies solely on text communication, you are handicapping your business's ability to persuade, convince, and convert website visitors into clients. And, if you do have video on your site, but it's not producing the intended results, perhaps the verbal communication is in conflict with the nonverbal message, creating confusion and distrust rather than confidence and understanding.

Forget all the things you think your website should be doing; its most important and most critical purpose is to deliver an effective communication to your audience.

A Recipe for Web-Video Communication

Persuasive Web-video communication is a complicated process that involves numerous creative and technical talents, as well as psychological insight into performance issues: scripting, casting, producing, directing, editing, music, and sound design, all complemented by communication psychology, emotional resonance, and business savvy are required to create effective presentations.

Ingredient One: Attract Attention

Job one is to get people to take their hand off the mouse and pay attention; it's the equivalent of someone yelling, "hay you" in a crowded room, everyone stops and turns to find out what's going on.

Mark Hughes author of "Buzzmarketing" suggests six criteria that provide the hay-you-pay-attention affect: the taboo, the unusual, the humorous, the outrageous, the remarkable, the secret, and the titillating.

Which of these criteria you choose to use depends on your brand image, your audience, and your message.

All these elements individually or in combination can produce the stop-look-and-listen effect you want as long as they are appropriate for your target audience.

Ingredient Two: Generate Interest

Sarah Wood of Unruly Media, a company that specializes in paid viral seeding points to high value relevancy as an additional key ingredient; it's what turns the viral-for-viral's sake into a purposeful, persuasive, viral marketing communication.

High value relevancy is based on the connection made through your video presentation. If your video doesn't resonate in some way, you will lose your audience. Resonance can be established through the performers' personality, the delivery of the dialogue, the scenario presented, the subject matter discussed, the point-of-view perspective, and/or the emotional content.

The idea of course is to convince and persuade; that's what makes the whole exercise worth the investment. Resonance builds trust and allows you to present your message in a way that gives the audience pause: a kind of "I-never-thought-of-it-that-way" sort of reaction. You're not trying to get your audience to buy into something they don't want, need, or care about, but rather get them to see what you are offering in a new light, so that they see it as something they do need, or better still want.

Ingredient Three: Stimulate Desire

Once you've attracted the audience's attention and gained their interest through some kind of cerebral or visceral connection, the next step is to stimulate desire. Generating desire is key to the ultimate conversion from audience spectator to active client.

Everyone likes to think of him or herself as intelligent and rational, as someone who makes decisions based on logic and need, but the truth is we are emotional creatures motivated by desire, only tempered by logic.

When products, services, and ideas fail to capture their share of the market, even when they are superior to their competition, it is often because their marketing focuses on their technical superiority rather than their emotional benefit. The marketing challenge for cell phone supremacy between Apple's iPhone and RIM's Blackberry is not about which is better, but rather which provides the status-buzz buyers get from ownership.

Web video provides the ideal vehicle for delivering both logical and emotional benefits in an easily digestible format that penetrates the audience's subconscious and delivers all the necessary desire-building components. In an over-crowded marketplace, need alone is not a sufficient enough motivator.

Ingredient Four: Create An Experience

Far too many website business models are based on the idea that customers should make instant decisions. By focusing your attention on the quick sale, rather than a client seduction, you are giving up on the vast majority of your potential customers.

The old high-pressure direct marketing tactics of a bygone era have little relevance in a Web-marketplace where potential customers are safely hidden behind a wall of remote access. A website needs to do more than present a bunch of photos and order buttons and expect people to just follow commands to "Buy Now"; there are just too many options available for that strategy to work.

A website has to be a memorable experience, one that forces your audience to keep your offering in the forefront of their minds, where every competitor must stack up to the memorable experience you present.

For example, take e-commerce clothing websites; why present clothes like you were limited to a print catalogue with static images when you could present video of models moving to display how the garments look from all angles with a voice-over commentary providing detail and incentive: a simple but far more effective presentation sure to sell more clothes than a series of static lifeless images.

Ingredient Five: Be Memorable

Getting an order is important, but getting a customer is far more valuable. Because your audience is hidden behind a veil of Web security and remote access, pushy high-pressure tactics just won't work, and if they do work, they'll probably only work once. By providing a memorable experience your site stays top-of-mind, and when a prospect finally decides to buy, your site will be the one they remember, and not the other dozen or so faceless, boring, characterless websites they visited.

If you are not prepared to take a chance, and woo your audience with some memorable relationship building content that delivers emotional resonance and meaningful memories, then your chances of converting traffic into clients is slim.

Ingredient Six: Prompt Action

The idea that you need to blatantly ask for an order sounds like a sound sales tactic, one you hear all the time from sales experts, but let's face it everyone knows you're out to sell him or her something. By being too pushy or too obvious, you appear to be untrustworthy or desperate.

What you really want is for your audience to take some action, commit to remembering you by signing up for a newsletter, book marking your site for future reference, or better still phoning or emailing for more information. It's all about building a sustainable business relationship with viewers by staying in the forefront of their minds and establishing trust and expertise through communication and dialogue. It's the true value and meaning of the Internet's promise of being a means of generating global conversations.

What to Remember

In the end, business success is all about how well you communicate your message to your audience. Websites provide the opportunity to deliver a meaningful, memorable marketing message through the use of Web-video.

There are many fine technologies available that allow you to dialogue with customers over the Internet, but real conversations are sloppy, frustrating, rambling exercises in point-counterpoint discussion, whereas Web-video is an organized, focused, concentrated presentation of the message you need to deliver.

For a business website to stand out from the many other websites vying for the same audience it has become a necessity to provide visitors with something different.

Last year, last month, even last week website video production was the future for any business wishing to get ahead. This year, this month, today, right now web video production is the present, current and here with bells on.

Website video allows your business to communicate directly with visitors, engage and stimulate their interest before their trigger-finger reaches for that back button. Research has shown that a website with embedded video is 55% more effective at retaining visitor presence and increasing end result.

As part of an internet marketing strategy, your business has had to work hard to encourage visitors to your site but, once, on your business website, you have to work doubly hard to persuade them that your company is worth doing business with. Do not make visitors waste their time by making them hunt down what they want, tell them exactly where it is. By using a web video your business can:

•Greet them on the landing page. “Hi, how are you? We are glad you are here. Now sit back, relax and we will show you what we have to offer.”
•Present details, with pictures if necessary. Explain the advantages of your products or services.
•Highlight text or page areas. Point out items that may be of interest
•Guide your audience, not only, to the navigation of your website but for buying, enrolling, applying or learning.
•Answer your business FAQ’s. A great way to convince potential clients that you are interested in their questions and, also, to cut down on email and telephone enquiries.
•Announce product launches or updates. Informs visitors that maybe the product they were thinking of buying has a new improved, better version and it is available from your business.

The advances in web technology means that a website video production offers an accessible, simple and very affordable method of maximising sales to consumers and allows your company to get to, or reach, the very top today.

In the first part of our interview with Deirdre Zahl, Sparxoo’s Senior Designer, we outlined the basics of web design. We discussed the functionality of a web site, while touching upon the importance of aesthetic appeal. We also discussed the role of web designers in meeting the digital needs of customers and businesses.

In this second part of the interview, we will do a deep dive on splash pages, the future of advertising and the next frontier of design.

Several years ago, there was a lot of buzz about splash pages. What happened?
There was a magical element about the internet and splash pages. When the internet was in its infancy, there was a lot of mystery and expanding of boundaries. In many ways, splash pages encapsulated that magic. In today’s digital world, that magic is nearly gone as internet users want information faster and faster.

While it used to be “blow people away” with your amazing website, now it’s more “offer them a reason to return” with news on your company, personalized features, and areas they can really interact with. When each second is valued, splash pages are a huge barrier that can impede browsing. More and more, people are looking for information when they browse. In a age where information is everywhere, splash pages can deter return usage.

Advertising works a lot like splash pages. It’s about distracting users from their browsing. So how do you incorporate advertising in design?
advertising is very much a double-edged sword. It is functional (webmasters need revenue), yet many users find excessive advertising obtrusive and annoying. There is also a lot less space and time to advertise. As information is one of the key drivers of internet browsing, it’s increasingly difficult for advertisers to wedge themselves into the page space.

What are the alternatives?

It’s about not being obtrusive. No one likes to be bombarded with advertising. So it’s helpful to be more subtle, such as cross-promotions with other brands or interacting with audiences. Lucky magazine had a very successful campaign called “Bag-a-day Giveaway” where they gave away a luxury handbag each day for a month. Every day you’d get an email and have to go play an interactive game for your chance to win the bag. If you “shared” the game with your friends you got another chance to play that day. It was very clever, and excellent exposure for both the brands involved and the magazine, plus it created a very valuable email database.

What is the new frontier for web designers?

Mobile will definitely play a large role. More and more people are relying on their mobile devices to find information. Smart phones are more popular than ever and with every generation of phone, graphics are getting better. There is an increasing need to optimize the mobile browser . There is even less space on mobile devices, necessitating an even greater need for tailored design layouts. In that same vein, there is also a need for mobile app design. Consider the eBay application. The site is so...

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