Certainly each of us has played a game at least for one time, yet certainly not every person, who has tried to fulfill it, is aware of how a game is developed. The mechanism of developing flash games is not easy and people who make them should have excitement, verve, awareness of contemporary mechanics and a great amount of other things for creating an striking game that will search otu their dedicated players in a lot of countries.

The most leading point you should have for developing a game is a story (plot). Such stories are created by game makers or players. When a presentation of the game is made, diagrams and essential instructions are created by writers and artists. Next these descriptios are scanned on to a computer. Eventually the closing step is to develop the entire story and its figures alive.

There are a great number of ways for creating a flash game. One of the most famous is Macromedia Flash MX. This program gives the chance to create vivid, graphic, multimedia driven games. There exist a file format, a performer and authoring appliance in a flash. It gives creators of flash games the chance to make files that are able to be downloaded per net. By means of flash rich graphics can be invented. Flash also makes possible to import graphics formats so that developers can apply Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, or Fireworks to create the game. rich colorful graphics created by flash can be transmitted over the net. Different types of games like adventure, sports, educational or role-playing can be also invented by flash.

The entire mechanism of creating games is very not simple and consists of five steps.

1.Developing the figures. diagrams are attuned and created as well as it may only be. Then these perfect diagrams are converted into 3D characters.

2.Making the figures alive. Actions and feelings are "set" into figures by means of programmers with the help of Flash.

3.Making the surrounding area. Different sorts of landscape as clouds, moon, shadows are very helpful in making the atmosphere of danger and add the feeling of endangerment and reality to the players. Flash is able to make real environment. We should not let slip from memory that it is the surrounding area that makes the games real. In the following step 3D effects are also produced.

4.Coding. Instructions given by developers have the name of codes. They set brightness to the game and move the game ahead. In other respects the gaiety of the game relies on the quality of a code. The more complicated a code is the more interesting a game will be. Coherence is also "set" in to a game with the help of codes.

5.Testing. It begins after the coding and is important for adapting the game.

Consequently, Flash is a widespread software with game creators. There are even Flash Tutorials in internet for everybody having interest to inventing games.