Over the past few years broadband usage, which is crucial to streaming a web video production at a viewable speed, has passed critical mass. In June 2006 73% of online homes in the UK subscribed to a broadband service, up from 18% just three years earlier. Web videos can now be viewed with ease on a decent computer and of course increasing numbers of other video enabled online devices.

It is widely known that when people use the Internet they are naturally receptive, focused and ready to interact. They have made their own decision to go to your website which means they have effectively pre-qualified their interest in your web presence to at least have a look.

The Internet is known as a lean-forward medium – it creates a natural inclination to lean into the screen and listen. When people see a web video production they are drawn into a ‘1 to 1’ relationship with the information they are receiving.
A Web Video Production can convert this interest into sales much better than by presenting information in text form. A video production provides information in an easily accessible manner that is available to be watched repeatedly, all day every day.

People are used to working online to research and make decisions about all aspects of their life – work and social, and are proving it with the power of their wallets.
A lot of people also view the Internet from work where broadband has long been available, usually at speeds much faster than available to the home.

You may have heard reports that people are abandoning the TV for the online video experience. They may be true.