Do you want your brochure designs to look better and greater than they were before?

In this article we have listed down a few little AdobePhotoshop magic tricks that will see your brochureprinting designs improve and becoming more eye catching. Just follow the tips below and see if you may want to do this in your brochures.

Enhancing your images – The first little Photoshop magic that you can do is to enhance your images. Enhancing your graphics, makes them look more vibrant and basically more attractive to readers. They will engage more with the pictures and hopefully get the dominant feeling out of them.

You can improve your images for your color brochures by simply adjusting the true color values and the brightness and contrast settings of the image. In addition, if there are errors in the images like splotches, or even image elements that you do not want see, you can easily erase these elements with the eraser tool and the clone tool in Photoshop.

Adding filter effects – Also, to add a more general effect to the whole brochure, you can try adding some filters into certain design elements. You can make your pictures look like posters, sketches or paintings using special artistic filters in Photoshop.

You can also add in some softening effects, blurs to text, and images to make the brochures look lighter and softer. There are also filter effects to make things look grainy or distorted, if you want to add a little bit of personality in your brochure designs. Doing these effects makes the brochure unique and interesting so make sure to try these filters out.

Making the text come out – Now, with regards to your text content one of the best ways to make them come out is by using some blending options. You can add in shadows into your text to make them look like they were lifted off the page.

Embossing effects can make 3D shadows for the text making them look three-dimensional. Glowing effects can make the text shine and come out, while texture fills can make your brochure text look like it was made out of a certain material. Playing with these blending options can really make your text more interesting. So if you want to emphasize some of your text and titles, try using this kind of magic.

Fiddling with your backgrounds –Finally, one of the best subtle design magic that you can use for your brochures are texture effects in your background. While others are content in just a color background, in Photoshop, you can add in texture effects to make the background look more real with a certain type of material.

For example, you can make your brochure background look like it was made from satin, sand, brick and many other texture effects. You can even download special textures if you really want to customize the background. Adding textures to your background is a great way to enhance your brochure theme and it is one of the best ways to complete a well-made brochure design.

Therefore, those are just some of the Photoshop magic that you can use for your color brochures. Try some of these out and see what they can do to improve your brochure designs. Good luck!