Colour copies can guide you to get that right concept to present. you are actually capable of doing it on your own. You just have to collect everything that seems to be necessary. You will be needing a scanner if you have the actual colour printed copy of papers you want to have colour copies of.

You may want to star scanning the original copy of the paper. Begin by waiting the scanner to warm upon turning it on. Position the paper into the scanner which you want for colour copying. Be particular when it comes to the placement of the paper into the machine, it should be correct. Select "Scan" start scanning. A copy of the original paper will be created by the scanner and it will open the application which is associated with it. Check if the colour copying was done correctly and see if the colours are in its right hues. If not, correct the setting of the paper or the scanner itself.

The paper is now ready for printing. Except for the fact that your printer must be turned on, it should also have enough colour ink and that the number of paper into its tray is enough. After being able to scan the paper you may now resume to printing. For trials of the result you may try printing it into only one paper to check the result. If you are satisfied with the result then you may now print multiple copies you desire.

But if you have already the file of the colour copies in your computer you will no longer be needing a scanner straightly print the copies from the specified file. You should open the file to the respective application. If the option for printing is present then proceed to printing it. Just remember to do colour copying cautiously to avoiding wasting your time as well as your ink, remember printer inks may be very costly.