It is there to be seen, touched and experienced. Apple iPhone is delivered for the service of mankind. The first glimpse of this mobile gadget makes meaning for those who admire beauty with brain. In an alluringly sophisticated self, Apple iPhone comes to offer magnificent features within its slim profile. It welcomes you with a high resolution, touchscreen display - all along with a bag full of advanced programmes.

Enjoy listening to your favourite music tracks with iTunes CoverFlow. An integrated 2.0 MP camera lets you capture moments of your life. The big, high resolution display helps you to enjoy videos and downloads. With all the features within one entity, this calling device is an all-in-one phone replete with several possibilities to indulge in serious entertainment. This quad-band GSM comes equipped with EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi, powerful e-mail client and web browser. The phone comes in 4GB and 8GB versions and offers abundant space to save all your data effortlessly.

Now, after taking a view of the limitless possibilities, it won't be false to state that the calling device from Apple is a mobile phone, an iPod and a mobile Internet communicator- all perfectly juxtaposed to one single entity. Talk of Mac OS X - the all new and powerful operating system,ready to make you realise many a multimedia dreams. There is no stylus or a keypad, but the phone is assigned with a accelerometer sensor and proximity sensor. A 3.5 inch-wide display screen lets you to browse through the long list of features of this phone. All with the touch of your fingertips. A QWERTY keypad, though virtual, helps the users of this phone to enter data effortlessly.