1. Learn from your competition
Before you start to develop a brochure for your company, review your competitors' brochures. You will be surprised at what you learn. Pick out the points and techniques that attract and sell to you. It is easier to point to a brochure with the type of image you like than to verbalize it in briefing a creative person.

2. Involve a creative person from the start
Bring in a creative person for a preliminary chat. If you decide to use Maximpact Design, then filling in our design brief will give us an idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

3. Don’t forget the cover
This is a huge opportunity, don’t just give your company name or product, find a headline that will intrigue your reader and make them want to open the brochure.

4. Think customer not product
Show them you understand their problems, build rapport and then sell.

5. Page turners
The end of every page is an excuse for the reader to close it. Create text that will make them want to read on to the next page.

6. Benefits not features
Don’t list the features, tell your reader how your product will benefit them.

7. Technical jargon
There is a place for this and that is not in the body of your brochure. Present the information in a chart or graph and keep your text flowing.

8. Consistent voice
This is a key marketing tool, make it conversational and win your customer over.

9. Establish credibility
Provide answers in engaging language, or through visuals. Customer testimonials are also great here. Remember, people buy from people.

10. Don’t forget the end
Go out with a bang not a whimper. Tell your customer what to do next - place an order.

If you want to view your brochure as a valuable sales tool and not just as something to look pretty on a coffee table, contact your expert graphic design company Maximpact Design