A scripting language popularly known as PHP, originated in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP stands for Personal Home Page Tools. In just maximum 10 years this language has become a favorite of internet marketers, even small business webmaster with the newer and stable version of the internet.

Why is PHP so popular?

Before PHP, there was Javascript. It does some really cool things like rotate ads, graphics, text etc. But unfortunately it is not tough to readable by the search engines. Who are working on internet, they love PHP because it does all the Javascripts does and everything that does and the turns up on the pages is read and counted by the search engines.
One thing is that, you need to get a script written in PHP and learn how to install a script on the web server. In fact PHP is not software which you can simply download, installed and open on your computer. If you want to import and rotate articles to keep my content sites full of good and search engine. It also should be fresh content. Even you can use PHP to complete this.

Where To Find PHP Scripts.

You can find PHP script at sites that host a listing of hundreds of different scripts. It includes all kinds of CGI and Java. All those sites have a section of scripts written just in PHP, which you have to find some really nice free scripts and some low cost PHP scripts to improve our websites performance and place in the search engines. One thing is that, you would learn to write PHP since there are so many ways a webmaster as well as internet marketer could use the script to help with automation and site improvements.