In the hyper competitive advertising industry, more and more companies are trying to look outside the box to gain an advantage over their competition. With the addition of Digital Signage to the advertising industry more possibilities were available now then ever before. A multitude of application could be foreseen as an extension of this new form of advertising. A new form of Advertising has emerged that has added another extension to Digital Signage; it is a wearable multi-media player.
The original model of this medium is call the “SuperSales Tag” (Designed and patented by which is hailed the first ever wearable multi-media player. The wearable multimedia player is a new method of advertising creating an allure and ingenuity not seen for sometime in the often safe and redundant formula of advertising. The solution still in its infancy stage and brings with it a swarm of applications and uses in commerce. As the popularity and acceptance of the product grows so does it with it the notable list of businesses that are providing the solution.
One of the biggest advantages of businesses using a wearable multimedia player is it is a mobile form of advertising; meaning wherever the wearer travels so does the message. The units have been deployed thus far by a few sellers and depending whether the unit uses OLED or LCD screens will determine the effectiveness of the message. OLED enables the device to have 180 Degree viewing, unlike its LCD counterpart with a 90 Degree viewing angle, businesses choosing OLED version will find that there message reaches customers even when they are not looking directly into the Tag.
With 2010 around the corner and companies everywhere looking for something fresh and new to promote their offerings and bolster their sales do not look beyond wearable multimedia players. The units are not only a more cost effective medium over traditional forms of advertisement, but also have provides a new means of getting a message to the customer that is both non-intrusive (audio disabled) and very engaging.