The Nokia N78 is one of the N- series mobile phones Nokia is releasing this 2008. A lot of the handsets that make up the N- series are already getting plenty of attention. The N78 also has its share of following and clamoring consumers who cannot wait to own one and use one! The hype is not something unfounded though because this mobile phone does packs a whole bunch of exciting new and also improved features. Most especially, this communication device is highly acclaimed for its sharing capabilities as well as for having multimedia excellence. The question then is- how is the multimedia experience for this phone?

The answer to that is great or will be great! The Nokia N78 has done nothing but live up to people's expectation of the N- series. The latest line- up of Nokia phones promises to provide all users an unmatched experience in multimedia mobile phones. This means then that there would be plenty of applications and function for you to utilize. There will be more avenues for fun and entertainment provided to users. Of course, connectivity, functionality, and efficiency will not suffer but instead, are more improved!

According to Jonas Geust, the guy who is in charged of overseeing matters regarding the Nokia N- series mobile phones said that the N78 has the company's very latest services and technologies. This then enables all users to make the most out of this communication device. Moreover, according to Geust the N78 gives power to all people to realize their goals. Users can pursue their passions and explore new ones and enjoy to their heart's content all the videos and music they can get. All experiences can be conveniently shared. All this with the Nokia N78!