• Try and find out what is the focus point of the website.
• What are the special, outstanding features that you are looking in your website to please the readers and the person whose website it is.
• Describe all the various sections that you want in your website.
• Finalize the content of your website.
• Search for a unique style that best suits the given industry of which your website is targeted.
• Build the website.
• Evaluate it and make additions and modifications.
• Go register a domain for your website, find a host and even upload the website to that specified domain.

Focusing on your website point is the first and foremost step that you need to take into account, it is pretty much the foundation, and it is important that you decide the main purpose of the website you are intending to design. So it is crucial that you decide the design concept that you want to focus and even the style of subject so that you don’t drift away from the given theme or idea for that website. You need to decide on the web information that you are intending to provide to the clients and you also need to decide on how you are intending to brand the website to the full potential.
The website features will be decided in the first step, but in this step it is important that the specific website features are decided, e.g.: like the password protection section of the website or the sign-up section for members of that website. It is important to understand the fact that the concluded content of the website has to be drafted at this stage so that there can be proper web designing done further, and so that you wouldn’t need to sit and think up an entire new design much later. It is the content that actually makes the website become successful and valuable to both the persons whose website it is, and the people who view the website.
After the content has been thoroughly checked and edited, it is the time to look for the precise visual conveyance of the website, and what would best suit the target, and what is most captivating and striking. Once the website is completed, it is the stage where which you would need to assess the content and adjust the content accordingly at that time, so as not to leave room for mistakes later down the line.
The last step is to then go and register a domain for yourself, upload your website to the internet and then begin the grueling and tedious adventures of search engine optimization for your website.