Video marketing is an excellent way to promote your products or services. Individuals really love videos and may be more apt to purchase from someone that they can actually see. Videos allow your viewers to see you. A typical sales letter does not. The use of video provides an advantage that black and white print does not. While many people understand the power of videos, especially Internet marketers, they may not just know where to begin as it concerns creating a video.

Individuals that consider themselves technically challenged may find the idea of creating a video very scary, stressful and confusing. However, while these feeling are understandable, they are not warranted. There are many a different ways to create an online video
, including outsourcing the work to a freelancer. Purchasing expensive recording equipment is not necessary. In fact, most people have what they need right on their computer. Microsoft Movie Maker and Power Point are two pieces of software
that can be used to make and edit movies. Most people with a computer already possess both of them.

There are many ways to create a video. Individuals can use their camcorder to capture footage. They might also use their cell phone's video recorder, as well as take still pictures with their digital camera. After a person has captured the footage that they would like to use they simply need to turn it into a video. Screen shots taken from a person's computer to demonstrate a product or the benefits of using a particular product or service can also be used to create a video. Software such as Camtasia 3 is an excellent choice for screen capturing. There are other free screen capture software companies online as well. Simply type in the term "free screen capture software" and plenty of results should show up.

Individuals may also use software that they already have on their computer to make or edit videos. Microsoft Movie Maker and PowerPoint are two options. People that have Windows XP, you should have both of these pieces of software already. For people that don't have Windows XP, they can download for free. It has similar types of software that can be used for creating and editing videos. Of course these videos will have to be converted to files that video sharing web sites recognize. To find out what types of files are acceptable, simply take a look at the particular video sharing website.

Making a marketing video is not as hard as it seems. Many people are concerned that they will have to purchase expensive equipment that they do not know how to work. This simply is not true. Most of the software needed to create a video can be found for free on the internet or can already be found on one's computer. A cell phone video recorder, camera, a camcorder or screen capture software can all be used to create great looking videos.