For a business website to stand out from the many other websites vying for the same audience it has become a necessity to provide visitors with something different.

Last year, last month, even last week website video production was the future for any business wishing to get ahead. This year, this month, today, right now web video production is the present, current and here with bells on.

Website video allows your business to communicate directly with visitors, engage and stimulate their interest before their trigger-finger reaches for that back button. Research has shown that a website with embedded video is 55% more effective at retaining visitor presence and increasing end result.

As part of an internet marketing strategy, your business has had to work hard to encourage visitors to your site but, once, on your business website, you have to work doubly hard to persuade them that your company is worth doing business with. Do not make visitors waste their time by making them hunt down what they want, tell them exactly where it is. By using a web video your business can:

•Greet them on the landing page. “Hi, how are you? We are glad you are here. Now sit back, relax and we will show you what we have to offer.”
•Present details, with pictures if necessary. Explain the advantages of your products or services.
•Highlight text or page areas. Point out items that may be of interest
•Guide your audience, not only, to the navigation of your website but for buying, enrolling, applying or learning.
•Answer your business FAQ’s. A great way to convince potential clients that you are interested in their questions and, also, to cut down on email and telephone enquiries.
•Announce product launches or updates. Informs visitors that maybe the product they were thinking of buying has a new improved, better version and it is available from your business.

The advances in web technology means that a website video production offers an accessible, simple and very affordable method of maximising sales to consumers and allows your company to get to, or reach, the very top today.