Do you know how to connect to WIFI hotspots? Is there anything better than going to a WiFi hotspot and getting instant access to lightening fast internet, no data fees, no slow connection times, just a sweet sweet internet connection?
Unfortunately sometimes finding a wireless network to connect to can be difficult to connect to and connections can be anything but stable.
Thankfully, by putting in place some of the tips below you should be able to find, and connect to, one WiFi network or another regardless of where you are.
Upgrade Your Wireless Modem
Sometimes you need to spend a little money to enjoy the full benefit of free internet, especially if you have a laptop which is a little older.
The Maximum Range High Gain Wireless WIFI USB Dongle (CVSB-031) is an excellent, low cost plug in and play option.
This high gain wireless WIFI USB dongle can strengthen your laptop wireless network adapter. This is a simple device to use, a simple installation with the CD provided, and your good to go.
If you’re looking to extend your home network so you can browse the internet from your garden, or even your neighbors garden then this wireless signal amplifier might be the way to go. The CVSD K31 can increase the range and penetration of your WiFi signals by five times their current range.
Check Out The ‘Likely Suspects’
It doesn't matter if you are living in an area where they haven’t got aboard the country-wide WiFi train yet there will still be places you can go to get internet access.
Common areas that you will most likely find wireless internet include:
Cafes like Starbucks, Shopping Malls, Universities, Bars, Parks, Libraries and other public service structures, Look On The Web.
A great source for where hotspots are in your area might be the internet.
An independent programmer and student, Suramya Tomar, put together an application which used Google Maps to chart out WiFi hotspots. Just paste into your address bar and find out exactly where you can surf on the run.
A piece of freeware has also been developed for people with a windows or android OS. The WeFi client locates free WiFi connections while you’re on the move and will even track friends if that’s what you want.
If you’re feeling a little bit more confident about your computer skills you can visit some sites. They offers several software tools that discover private WiFi networks and even crack wireless passwords.