The smaller a company is, the more likely it becomes that a single person is going to be handling all of the marketing design work. I have seen many different companies where one person took care of all of it.

One person takes care of the writing and the graphic design aspect of things, and they helped to largely dictate what the marketing message was going to be.
Something like this has a specific pitfall that I have seen many times before, and that most do not bother to acknowledge, which can lead to some underperforming marketing campaigns if you aren’t careful.

Not everyone is going to be great at designing every single type of advertisements. The way you go about handling brochures is much different than what you would do with postcards or even posters. Each one has its own charms, and each one needs a certain kind of hand to design. Yes, there are people who are going to be perfectly fine at all of them, but that isn’t everyone, and if one person is handling all of your marketing, that might not be true for your company.

If a person who isn’t as good at a particular form of marketing needs to design a lot of it you might find yourself just getting some lack luster advertisements for your time. The best way to avoid something like this is to make sure you know what your designing is good at, and exactly what they can get enthusiastic about.
The more passion a person puts into their work the more effective the end product will be. Maybe your designing is particularly good at custom poster printing. They can come up with interesting images that immediate draw the eye and they’re great at working with shorter, to the point messages.

What you can do is try to craft a marketing message that will work effectively with custom poster printing in order to capitalize on this particular skill. Unless you have a message that simply has to be in one format, you can usually alter your message to fit into a variety of mediums. The best kind of marketing message is going to be one that can be worked into just about any type of advertisement.
The more people you have working on a marketing campaign the lower the risk is that you’ll have those who are best at one type of advertisement over another. Sometimes you just can’t afford to have multiple people.

The first thing you should do when giving these kinds of duties to someone is to ask them what they have experience in and what they enjoy doing the most. Yes, they might be able to make postcards, but they might not make postcards as skillfully as they can brochures or something like that. If you know what their strengths are from the beginning you can be sure to gain the most benefit from them.

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