YouTube may be the most powerful on line promotional platform since the advent of the internet.
YouTube provides companies unprecedented flexibility to inform, educate, communicate, apologize, raise money, tell a story, host contests, level the playing field, blunt bad press, build trust, and put a human face on a company.

YouTube video marketing is like getting free internet video advertising— 24x7x365.

You can brand yourself online with a brand channel. A brand channel provides a company structure and context for their content.

Resarch* shows 48% of users use the brand channel section. Content in the channel is not necessarily regarded by viewers as internet video advertising, as online video ads typically sit outside of the page.

The brand channel links to the company website and vice versa. It is integrated into the overall marketing plan and has a direct response component.

The number of site visits and subscribers some brand channels receive may make you wonder why you ever a spent dime one on online advertising. But don´t blame your ad agency or online marketing
manger, much of this is still new.

All of this sounds so wonderful. So what´s the catch?

To have success marketing with video requires strategy, tactics and know how.
Before venturing into YouTube look at the research*. Understand and interpret what the data reveals. Check and see what your competitors are doing.

Be sure to post fresh content. Pay attention to the comment section. YouTube video marketing can produce an excellent result if utilized properly.