How to get wordpress themes

There are two routes to getting a premium wordpress themes.

The first is to find a designer that sells premium wordpress themes. Generally you'll want to look for designs that are highly and easily customizable, have a degree of support (whether that be direct with the designer or via a forum), offer upgrades/updates to fix bugs or add new features, and offer more than "run of the mill" features you could easily find in a free theme.

The second is to hire a designer to create a unique blog template to your exact specification.

The first option is cheaper and quicker but you still may not own a completely unique wordpress themes.

The second option is more expensive and takes longer to implement, but you'll hopefully get a design that's truly your own.

Example an big collection is website wordpress themes
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More advantage

1. Look and Feel
2. Ease of use
3. Pride
4. Long term view


It's possible to run a successful blog off the back of a free wordpress themes, but moving to a premium wordpress themesdefinitely has its advantages.
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